NOOOOO - 100 Word Challenge #4


One day a boy named James signed on to Fortnite. Then he had too put in his username; Os ᴏᴠᴇʀᴅʀɪᴠᴇ ツ (sweaty smiley), And other info. James went into his skins locker, but it was empty. What a surprise! He emailed Epic Games Inc. and they replied with this: ‘YOU ARE TOO GOOD AT FORTNITE!! YOU ALWAYS WIN AND IT’S NOT FAIR. QUIT NOW HAHAHAHA!’ I was sad. But had a plan. I Snuck downstairs and got my parents credit card. I typed it in and bought skins after skins after skins. I screamed whos laughing now Epic? AHAHAHAHA!

Today I was forced to put in the sentence and a half; ...empty. What a surprise!...

So yet again, This is now more than 100 words because of this letter. <| :>)


So, I may or may not be doing this post for school...
I like gaming, Reading, Friends (well some), And adventuring. But, I mean, Its hard to find good adventure when it's winter and you live in ---------. I know, it's really to bad. But, I like to say I'm a pretty CHILL guy, but, I don't think anyone seems to realize that. I wonder why..... anyways i already said anyways twice now i said anyway three times and trust me there will probably be four. AnYwAyS, (toldya) Schools is..... GREAT. i loooove school and maths and science and everything else my teacher probably wants my to say. I also love joking around.


(it doesn't get a title) 100 Word Challenge #3

I was in my red house, climbing down the ladder from my room in the attic. I went downstairs, got breakfast, and started sinking into a beanbag chair. After breakfast, I grabbed some coins from my coin stash and went outside. I was walking on the pavement of my driveway when I got grabbed. Somebody put a black beanbag over my head, flipped me over, and carried me like some apples in a sack. When we started driving away, he took the sack off of me. I took off my shoe and yeeted it in his face. And I escaped.

This week the in the 100 word challenge I had to include the words:
And so I came up with something completely random and making things up as I went. Sadly, It is no longer 100 words because of this note.

Cool Fortnite Items

We are talking about the coolest items in Fortnite

1. Candy  Axe. This is a pickaxe that will never be re-released. It looks good with the elf. Here's a look (Future me: it got re-released ._.)

2. This one I love, Slushy Jr. He is cute and moves his head when you turn.

I this one is lit. Literally. When you use an emote that has music, its lights up. Not only that but the glider has a neat beat. See, I'm makin' rhymes, just like people in the music career.

This one is the rarest in the game, and for people who play the game, they probably have already guessed it. I will give you a hint, she is related to the military.
(well the picture system is glitched right now, so I will just tell you the skin is Recon Expert.)

Anyways I have to cut this short but hope you liked it. I know it wasn't the most interesting blog on the earth, but I started it a while back and well I sorta decided I might aswell finish it.

Vinegar Blade?! - 100 Word Challenge #2

So today I had to include the sentence 'The vinegar was too sharp'.

Vinegar Blade?! One day a boy named James, better known as CloudZ_Overdrive on Fortnite, (Add me) was wearing his freshest yeezys, his Bape shirt, and some DOPE Louis Vuitton pants. Later he was exploring a cave. And then an unknown object sealed up the cave behind him. He continued on, now scared as ever, and found a man-made part of the cave. There was a podium with a blade of. . . Vinegar? James touched the blade and instantly started bleeding. THE VINEGAR WAS TOO SHARP! “Wait. . .” he said. He picked up the blade and cut the roof. “MY YEEZYS ARE SAVED!”

The Hidden Bear - 100 Word Challenge #1

The Hidden Bear

One sunny day, a little girl saw a strange white teddy bear with a Blood red pacifier in its mouth. She didn’t think much of it, so she went on with her outdoor lunch. Later that night, she opened her eyes to use the restroom. She saw the bear but thought her eyes were playing tricks. She used the restroom, then got back in bed. Three minutes later, her mom woke up to a LOUD scream! Curious, she went to her daughter's room, but nothing was there except that blood. Red. pacifier.

-A short story by James