Vinegar Blade?! - 100 Word Challenge #2

So today I had to include the sentence 'The vinegar was too sharp'.

Vinegar Blade?!
One day a boy named James, better known as CloudZ_Overdrive on Fortnite, (Add me) was wearing his freshest yeezys, his Bape shirt, and some DOPE Louis Vuitton pants. Later he was exploring a cave. And then an unknown object sealed up the cave behind him. He continued on, now scared as ever, and found a man-made part of the cave. There was a podium with a blade of. . . Vinegar? James touched the blade and instantly started bleeding. THE VINEGAR WAS TOO SHARP! “Wait. . .” he said. He picked up the blade and cut the roof. “MY YEEZYS ARE SAVED!”


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